Worldwide Award Winning Lasershows

In the past six years we worked on a lot of projects. In this time we also recovered a nice amount of awards. Beginning from the LaserFreak Award in Germany over to the Pangolin Shows Competition in USA, which is held every two years.

And finally the ILDA Artistic Awards, which is the "Oscar" of lasershow display industry. At our very first attempt in this award, the largest ILDA conference ever held, we were awarded with first place.

Award Achievements
Animated & static logos or products

Let us know about your ideas for new products or improving your company reputation. Together we create an impressive Laserevent to convince your business partners and customers.

Show them your interest in modern technology and let your next exhibition or tradeshow be an unforgettable Lasershow.

We work very discrete, so you won't find any company logos or products from our customers on our website.

Beamshows for Clubs, Disco and Party

Let your Club or Disco also be a future-oriented entertainment meeting point and install one or more laser systems. Your guests will surely be very impressed, by the laser effects perfectly synchronized to the music.
We offer Beamshows for one, two or more projectors suitable to actual Club music. There's also the possibility to let us know about your wishes for a customized Beamshow or just have a look
at our huge Showpool:

Showpool: Beamshows

Graphicshows according to your taste

Graphicshows are the biggest drawing challenge in our business, but also the most impressive. It's possible to project them on nearly every surface, but we mostly work with water screens or lasergaze.

Besides the creating of Graphicshows with client-specific storyboard, we also offer mixed Shows. That means Beam & Graphicshow together to create a fantastic Event starting with three laser projectors.

Showpool: Graphicshows

Phenomenal Multimediashow

We also have the possibility to create a spectacular Event by combining laser, videowall, waterscreen, firework, flames,...

But of course we're not able to make the whole show alone, so we have experienced partners for pyrotechnic, laser manufacturer, video cutting, music production and eventmanagement to make an epic Event, that your visitors will never forget.