Hells Bells

AC/DC - Back in Black

Track 1: Hells Bells

Rock Lasershow

Length: 5:18min

Designed & programmed in Mamba Black
Design & Programming: Markus Voggenberger

Single Projector Show for RGB-Laser

This show was our first try in creating Graphicshows. At this time we only had the possibility to make Lasershows with Mamba Black.

For this show we were inspired by the second best-selling album worldwide "Back in Black" from 1980 and especially the track "Hells Bells" was very suitable for a Graphicshow.


Available for:
Mamba Black, 2.0 and III

(through ILDA-Import)
Pangolin LD2000
Pangolin Beyond 3.0
Pangolin Quickshow 3.0

Price on request