The Good Die Young

Scorpions - Sting In The Tail

Track 4: The Good Die Young

Rock Lasershow

Length: 5:12min

Designed & programmed in Mamba 2.0
Programmer: Markus Voggenberger

Single Projector Show for RGB-Laser

This show was a Custom-Programming for a private person
and our very first Rock Beamshow.

We took the song "The Good Die Young" because it was the most powerful of this album, surely due to the duett with Tarja Turunen (till 2007 the voice of Nightwish).

Available for:
Mamba Black, 2.0 and III

(through ILDA-Import)
Pangolin LD2000
Pangolin Beyond 3.0
Pangolin Quickshow 3.0

Price on request