Smooth Criminal

David Garrett - Encore

Track 1: Smooth Criminal

Pop Lasershow

Length: 3:05min

Designed & programmed in Pangolin LD2000
Programmer: Markus Voggenberger

Single & Multi Projector Show for RGB-Laser
(2 & 3 Channel Beamshow)

This was our first show with Pangolin LD2000 and also the very first pure instrumental song. We created a very fast but also
varied Beamshow in three different Versions.

The music convinces through the fast violin playing of David Garrett, maybe the best violin player of all time...

Available for:
Pangolin LD2000
Pangolin Beyond 3.0

1 Channel Version only
(through LDS-Import)
Pangolin Quickshow 3.0

Price on request