Sexy Bitch

David Guetta - One Love

Track 3: Sexy Bitch

Dance Lasershow

Length: 3:15min

Designed & programmed in Mamba 2.0
Programmer: Markus Voggenberger

Single & Multi Projector Show for RGB-Laser
(2 Channel Beamshow)

Here we created our very first Multi Projector Show, specially programmed for Clubs, Disco and Party.

The French producer David Guetta released this Song, in cooperation with the R&B Singer Akon and it became the #1 Dance track of 2009.

Available for:
Mamba Black, 2.0 and III

(through ILDA-Import)
Pangolin LD2000
Pangolin Beyond 3.0
Pangolin Quickshow 3.0

Price on request