Helene Fischer - Atemlos durch die Nacht

Track 1: Atemlos durch die Nacht
(Bassflow Main Radio / Video Mix)


Dance-Pop Lasershow

Length: 3:38min

Designed & programmed in Pangolin LD2000
Programmer: Markus Voggenberger

Single- & Multi Projector Show for RGB-Laser
(2, 3 & 4 Channel Beamshow)

This show is a stock production for our big showpool with now 40 great beamshows, going from Soundtrack over Epic to House music.

"Atemlos durch die Nacht" is a #1 Hit-Single from the german singer Helene Fischer. She originally comes from the Schlager music, but here she created a fantastic Dance-Pop song.

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ILDA Awards 2015
Category Beamshows:

1st Place

Available for:
Pangolin LD2000
Pangolin Beyond 3.0

1 Channel Version only
(through LDS-Import)
Pangolin Quickshow 3.0

Price on request